Karen Lee Carter

Inspired by a life-long love of fabric and sewing, Karen began to passionately pursue quilt making in 1997.  Karen designed and created custom, commemorative quilts on a commission basis for more than 10 years, allowing her to help families preserve their treasured memories and celebrate the special moments in their lives.

  Although she makes a wide variety of quilts, Karen’s true joy comes from creating original art quilts.    Karen utilizes a vast array of construction and surface design techniques, often embellishing her quilts with beads, yarns, buttons, ribbons, trims and other small objects that add texture and visual interest.

  Teaching workshops featuring her techniques, Karen encourages her students to add their own personal touch to each project and embellish with abandon.  Karen's lectures and trunk shows inspire quilters to express their creativity and embrace an artful life.

    A Chicago native, Karen currently resides in Lake Wylie, SC with her husband, Tad, and brings her creations to life in her home studio.

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