The following are 1 hour lectures/media presentations that include a trunk show when presented in person

Zoom Presentations are Now Available-1 hour lecture/presentation plus question & answer session

The Ecstasy of Embellishing

Would you like to enhance the visual appeal of your quilts?  Embellishments can transform an ordinary quilt to unique and make a simple quilt stunning.  Join Karen as she provides an overview of embellishments and embellishing techniques, and shares tips and tricks, too.  A trunk show illustrates many of the possibilities and options for adding depth, texture, sparkle and a personal touch to your quilts.  This presentation inspires quilters to express their creativity and embellish with abandon.

Express Yourself!

Originality and Creativity in Quilting

Do your quilts lack pizazz? Do you gravitate toward safe and familiar fabric and color combinations? Are you using the same quilt patterns over and over again? Do you long to try the latest technique but fear it will be too difficult?...or boring? Get out of your quilting rut!

Karen believes that inspiration is everywhere! In this presentation, she will suggest helpful habits and practices designed to cultivate creativity when incorporated into daily life. Learn to recognize some very common creative “blocks” and be introduced to strategies that enhance the flow of ideas. Challenging quilters to break some “rules” by breaking out of their comfort zone, Karen focuses on expression more than perfection. Prepare to be inspired to express yourself through your quilts and embrace an artful, creative life.

Scraptacular Creations

Join Karen on her quest to organize and use the scraps that pile up in the studios and sewing rooms of quilters.  No scrap is too small to be useful!

This presentation introduces ideas to organize and tame those piles as Karen shares many projects that utilize scraps in clever, creative ways.

From Inchies (1” x 1” fiber works of art) to improv pieced scrap quilts, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful contemporary projects you can make from your scraps.

Inside an Outsider's Studio

How does a beginning quilter and an outsider to the art world become a quilt artist? Join Karen as she provides an inside look at the evolution of an art quilter. This trunk show includes many of the quilts the artist has made over the past 10 years and some of the amusing stories behind them. As she shares her work, Karen illustrates the importance of pursuing your passion and highlights the role of creativity in making quilts.

The presentation will encourage and inspire quilters to allow themselves to ‘be a beginner’ and create their very own works of art.

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